Ogdensburg, New York OSB Mill Development

After sale of the EFP, GFP selected Ogdensburg NY as a location for development of a new OSB mill in 2000. Chatham Forest Products LLC was formed as a GFPaffiliate for this project. Ironically, GFP had considered this location in 1979, but passed it over in favor of northern Maine because of competition for raw material from a number of pulp mills in New York and bordering Ontario. Due to a combination of diminished paper demand and more efficient pulp mills elsewhere, by 2000 all pulp mills in close proximity in New York had closed. During CFPs development Domtar closed its large pulp mill at Corwall, Ontario. This gave rise to an unutilized raw material supply relatively close to northeast USA markets.

GFP, through CFP, obtained a site, raw material supply and other parameters necessary for OSB mill development. CFP met uncommonly severe resistance to its proposed mill from anti-development interests and spent several years overcoming various objections, concluding with an uncontestable environmental permit in 2004. In late 2004, GFP responded to an unsolicited offer for Chatham Forest Products and sold CFP to Ainsworth Lumber of Vancouver, owner of several OSB plants in Canada.