Miramichi, New Brunswick OSB Mill

In 1994, GFP purchased a defunct particleboard mill from the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. The plant had been built as an export particleboard mill. With decline of export particleboard markets, an attempt at conversion to OSB was made but, this had failed due to inadequate/obsolete equipment and onerous domestic freight charges.  

GFP established Canadian Affiliates, Chatham Forest Products Ltd. and Eagle Forest Products LP. EFP secured the necessary raw material, construction, personnel, distribution and freight arrangements for a successful OSB mill. With GFP subsidiary Chatham Forest Products Ltd as General Partner plus 4 limited partners and debt financing, EFP started operations in 1995 as a new, and thoroughly modern OSB mill. GFP, against conventional wisdom, utilized a ventilated press system which significantly improved throughput rates and aided a record-breaking startup and progression to full operating capacity.

EFP operated successfully for 4 years with Mr. Godfrey as general partner and CEO, at which time MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., the largest forest products concern in Canada (and a limited partner in EFP), acquired the entire company. Thereafter the Miramichi mill was sold to Arbec, a Canadian forest products concern operating in Quebec and New Brunswick, Arbec operates the mill today, 20 years after its rejuvenation by GFP.

The Prince of Wales selected the EFP mill for a visit at the start of production. His Royal Highness noted that EFP had used a brownfield site to create a modern mill.  He further noted that EFP was using historically undesireable trees, thus providing additional livelihood for wood producers and improving the health of New Brunswick forests.